Applications to Dutch Universities

Questions (from some universities), which the student is often asked to answer as part of the application process.

Many people know that in order to apply to the University there is a process that must be followed. A very basic part of this process is for the student to write a personal statement. This personal statement- motivation letter aims for the student to present the reasons he wants to study the specific course.

Just like UK Universities, Dutch Universities request a personal statement as part of the application process. It is very important for the student to answer some specific questions. These questions apply to all kinds of courses, as these are what the University wants to see which students deserve to get an offer

Below you will see the most important questions that need to be answered in your personal statement:

  1. What drives you to apply for this degree, rather than another related program?
  2. Why do you want to study at XXX University, rather than another university?
  3. What motivates you to apply for an international program? In answering this question, please highlight your international experience.
  4. What are your ambitions for your future education and/or career?

Therefore, if you are now in the process of writing your own personal statement to get an offer at the University of your dreams, do not forget to answer the questions above!

If you need any help or guidance with your personal statement, or if you need help with your applications to Netherlands contact us!