A few words..

Despite the country’s small size, in the education sector and especially University level, we are at a very high level, having an International Worldwide accreditation.

We are a European country since the 2004, with a rapid development in many sectors and with a great financial status.

The island is a very lively place and attracts millions of tourists all year round that choose to stay in wonderful luxurious hotels in the entire Mediterranean region.


Why to choose Cyprus for my studies?

For a high level of education, historical culture, warm people, wonderful landscapes, long-lasting Summers and the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean. Security, friendliness, amazing Mediterranean food, and the reasonable cost of living (food and accommodation).


It is characterized mainly by safety, the options to visit in less than 1 hour the mountain and the seaside, as well as the nice warm climate. Cost-of-living rationale, but also easy access to many other countries, including European countries.

the universities

The University of Cyprus, TEPAK and the Open University of Cyprus are the only Public Education Institutes in the Tertiary Education level and are ranked quite well in the education map.

Concurrently, there are other Private Universities/Colleges/Schools that also offer a broad range of programs to study, in an Undergraduate, Postgraduate level, PhD, as well as Professional Education and Vocational Training titles and are staffed by remarkable and experienced teachers.

how we can help you
  • Explain which University (Private or Public) is more appropriate for you, according to your preferences, and examinations results
  • Explain registration, acceptance, program of study, Academic Path explanation and options available
  • Identify which Accredited Universities offer what you wish to study
  • Inform you of the admission criteria
  • Submit all supporting documents required in time!
  • Inform you well in advance, for any extra examinations, portfolio that might be requested by the Universities.
  • Preparation of your CV.
  • Inform you of the cost of tuition fees and how to decrease your tuition fees,
  • Accommodation, meals (especially if you are from another city or country)
  • Suggest what would be best for you at an academic level.
Handling applications
  • We handle the entire application process for the Private Universities or any other Tertiary Education Schools in Cyprus
Guidance on Financial matters
  • Information on, accommodation and living expenses especially if you come from another city, or Greece, or another country.
  • Inform you on how to avoid unnecessary expenses.

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