itMedicine Studies in Italy

Do you want to follow Medicine studies? Italy is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

There has been an increase in the preference of students who choose medical studies as their future career. The field of Medicine is a very important branch as doctors contribute to society and save lives. In addition, it is a challenging field that opens doors to students to work in many fields. Study at world-renowned English-language universities and make your dream come true.

What do I need for Medicine Studies in Italy?

In order for students to enroll for Medicine at an Italian University they firstly need to sit for the IMAT (International Medicine Admissions Test) examination.

The IMAT exam takes place Cyprus every September. The students can choose to sit for the exam in either English or Italian language. Moreover, the choice of the Italian examination gives more chances to secure a place as students will have to compete only with Italian-speaking students.

What does the examination contain?

The examination consists of several parts. These include sections on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Logical reasoning and General Knowledge.

Is there a school to prepare me for this exam?

There are schools in Italy that can prepare students with fast-paced courses for the IMAT exam. It should be noted that it’s best if  students already have knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. During their studies students will learn ways to solve writing in the time required and solve past-papers from previous years.

Learning Italian Language

If a student chooses to study Medicine in Italian, he / she can enroll in Italian language schools in Italy. Italian lessons can be taught online or in person. Nonetheless, The student can also choose the duration of the weeks he will attend the lessons.  Finally, the cost of learning Italian is low.

Our office can help you enroll in IMAT exam preparation to secure a place at an Italian University.