Private Universities Cyprus

Many times, some students might not feel ready or just may not want to study abroad.

At our office we suggest which options are best for the student regarding their studies in Cyprus and which field of study is best suited to them and why.  Which university they should apply to in Cyprus and why. Additionally, we will explain in detail the procedure that the student must follow to complete their studies. What they should avoid and what they should pay attention to from the beginning to the completion of their studies. That way students will avoid – unnecessary expenses – wasting time – disappointment – failure.

Private Universities Cyprus have a very high level of Education. They also offer numerous bachelor and master degrees in both Greek and English.

Call us today to book your appointment, for guidance and securing your place at a private university in Cyprus.

Why to choose Cyprus for my studies?

For a high level of education, historical culture, warm people, wonderful landscapes, long-lasting Summers. Security, friendliness, amazing Mediterranean food, and the reasonable cost of living (food and accommodation).

Moreover, the education sector and especially University level, we are at a very high level, having an International Worldwide accreditation.

We are also a European country since the 2004, with a rapid development in many sectors.

Despite the island’s small size, it is a very lively place and attracts millions of tourists all year round.