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Spain is a wonderful destination for your studies and student life. A country bordered by France and Portugal, that has so much to offer since it’s characterized with a long history, rich culture, outstanding architecture, exquisite food, a wonderful climate with lots of sunshine and relaxed lifestyle.

Spain has a population of 47 million people and has as a capital the city of Madrid. There are historic and modern universities to choose from in large and small cities in every part of the country.

Why to choose Spain for my studies?


Spain has so much culture, history, and complexity to offer not only to students but for everyone who visits this beautiful country. If you chose to study in Spain, you will be benefited from high quality education, obtain an accredited degree, a Master or PhD and at the same time you will get memorable student moments that you will remember for life!

Spain has a very vibrant culture and history and you can do so many things, visit so many places and never be able to say that “I have now seen it all”, as there is always something new happening.
Cost of living in Spain is one of the lowest in Western Europe
Indicative prices:

  • bread (for 2 people for one day) 1€
  • 500gr of boneless chicken breast 4€
  • 1 kg of apples 1.66€
  • 12 eggs, large 2.40€
  • 1 liter (1 qt.) of whole fat milk €0.82
  • McDonalds menu: 6€ – 8€

The Universities

Most of the universities in the country teach their studies in the Spanish language. It is therefore advisable that you be able to understand Spanish, speak, read and write the language, before you choose to enroll at a University in Spain. Most of the classes in Spanish Universities are taught in Spanish; however, with the increasing number of international students from all around the world, entering Universities in the country it is becoming much easier to find quite a few classes available in English as well. Even if you choose some English classes, do be prepared to learn Spanish anyway. Simply being around peers and in the country will help you quickly adapt to the language, the culture and of course the language as well.

Spain offers a fun environment day in and day out, and all of the colleges offer an array of activities for students to participate and engage in. Whether you are a guy or a girl, student life will be of the most pleasure while in Spain.

Bachelor’s degrees have a minimum duration of 3-4 years and 240 credits of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Some of the branches you can study are:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Experimental Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Social Sciences and Law
  • Engineering and Architecture

Master’s degree programme ranges from 60 to 120 credits of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), so you need to make sure that it will be accredited by your country, before you decide to enroll.

University Master’s degree programs have a length of one or two academic years.

There is a big range of Master degrees you can choose from, similar to the branches mentioned above for the Bachelor programs.


how we can help you
  • Explain which University (Private or Public) is more appropriate for you, according to your preferences, and examinations results
  • Explain registration, acceptance, program of study, Academic Path explanation and options available
  • Identify which Accredited Universities offer what you wish to study
  • Inform you of the admission criteria
  • Submit all supporting documents required in time!
  • Inform you well in advance, for any extra examinations, portfolio that might be requested by the Universities.
  • Preparation of your CV.
  • Inform you of the cost of tuition fees and how to decrease your tuition fees,
  • Accommodation, meals (especially if you are from another city or country)
  • Suggest what would be best for you at an academic level.
Handling applications
  • We handle the entire application process for the Private Universities or any other Tertiary Education Schools in Cyprus
Guidance on Financial matters
  • Information on, accommodation and living expenses especially if you come from another city, or Greece, or another country.
  • Inform you on how to avoid unnecessary expenses.
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