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in Cyprus

Student who wish to secure a place either at the University of Cyprus, either at TEPAK, they take our advice on how to make the right choices early regarding the subjects they need to choose at High School.  Following the right major, will enable them to sit for the right entrance exams, at the subjects required in order to secure a place in the chosen program of interest.  We also assist in the completion of applications for Greece and Cyprus.



in Cyprus

Many times, some students might not feel ready or just may not want to study abroad. We often suggest which options are best for the student regarding his studies in Cyprus and which field of study is best suited to him and why, as well as which university he should apply to in Cyprus and why. We will explain in detail the procedure that the student must follow to complete his studies, what he should avoid and what he should pay attention to from the beginning to the completion of his studies, so as to avoid – unnecessary expenses – wasting time – disappointment – failure. Also, a thorough and detailed explanation of the grading system and subject choices is given, as well as WHAT each subject offers and what each course involves.

United Kingdom (Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland)

We undertake all the necessary procedures involved from the beginning to the end, regarding information about the universities, choices available, applications, with continuous communication, securing a place, accepting an offer, and final registration at the university of your choice.

Applications involve a lot of preparation (gathering the necessary supporting documents), and there are many procedures which must be followed correctly and must be completed in time and according to the country and universities we will be applying to.

By coming to us, you can feel rest assured and confident that our extensive experience enables us to know which universities you may be accepted at before actually submitting an application. We have been involved in this field for many years and we know this information in advance!

What we also tell parents who visit us, is that experiments should only be carried out in laboratories and not with our children’s’ futures! Besides, this has also been confirmed by the many students that we have helped over the years, since the clients that come to us have been recommended to us by other Lyceum and university students that we have already guided.


During High School, students, have the opportunity to choose a foreign language to study alongside with the other subjects, taught for more hours as a specialization subject.

The acquaintance with the foreign language, for those that choose French language, is important, in order to be able to obtain a language certificate of a specific level, which required by all the French Universities alongside with other entry requirements.

There are many details and information you should know for studying in France and you should come to us, to assist and inform you.


Beautiful Holland offers the most English taught programs to study and they are very at an International level, for the excellent and high academic quality of education they offer.  Our role is to guide and inform you appropriately from the very beginning, in which Universities is best to apply and explain the reasons.  There are many English taught programs in several universities and therefore, each student should be informed properly to make the right choices, since the procedures for applying is important to be done with no mistakes from the beginning to the finish line.   You should be careful, as the entry requirements found in some of the Universities’ websites give the wrong impression, that access into University is very easy!  It is very important to come to us, to have a thorough explanation and guidance of everything you need to know, as well as what to avoid doing, so as to avoid any later disappointments and unnecessary stress

(for Private or State Universities)

There is a significant difference in the cost of tuition fees for Private and State universities in Italy. We undertake the preparation and registration of the student on a foundation course for him to learn the language and to prepare for the admission exams (if applicable). We undertake the registration and application procedures for both State and Private universities, and we also undertake the accommodation procedure, student loans, scholarships and help to put you in touch with other Cypriot students who are already studying there.

Slovakia and poland

Study in Accredited Universities, in Slovakia (for medicine and dentistry) and in Poland for veterinary medicine, all taught entirely in English language. Slovakia – MEDICINE in English


–  Medicine, Kosice – Slovakia  6 years (Tuition Fees: 10,500euro/year)

–  Dentistry, Kosice – Slovakia 6 years (Tuition Fees: 11,000euro/year)

–  Medicine,  Bratislava – Slovakia  6 years (Tuition Fees: 9,500euro/year)

(Veterinary taught in English Language)

–  Veterinary, Poland – Warsaw 5.5 years (Tuition Fees: 8,400euro/year)

Entry Requirements for Slovakia and Poland:

  • High School Leaving Certificate (Apolyterion) – no specific overall grade is required
  • IELTS 6.0 or IGCSE grade C minimum.
  • Entrance Exam. Entrance on the above Universities is achieved if the candidate successfully pass the University’s exams (on the University’s premises, or in another country arranged by the University itself), in TWO subjects:  Chemistry and Biology.The exam is carried out in English language (multiple choice questions) and the level of the syllabus examined is similar to chemistry and biology covered at High School.  If the student has GCE A levels in Chemistry and Biology, is enough to be prepared and sit for this exam.

Note: Intensive exam preparation courses (in Chemistry and Biology) are offered, online, delivered by the same professors that will later on teach you when at University. Cost of online preparation for both courses is 750euro. Online preparation duration is 140 hours of teaching.  These can be covered in a month or more, as you will decide how many hours per week you can study for and cover the material.

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