Study in Italy for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, in English or Italian

Study at high level universities which offer a variety of options for all types of studies. From Architecture, Medicine / Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Mathematics, Biology, Psychology, Law, Economics, Informatics, etc.

Contact us to inform and guide you properly for all procedures.

We firstly help you gain a place at a language school (if you are going to study in Italian). Next, we apply the right procedures to prepare you for university admission.

There are many fields of study in Italy, where the student must sit for the IMAT exam in order to be admitted to a university.

On the other hand, there are some sectors that do not follow the same procedure but you can still get an offer, without exams. You will only need to have obtained your Apolyterion before enrolling in the University and if required, the Italian language paper.

It is important to start the procedures at least 6 months before you start your studies. In this way we will implement the plan that needs to be followed to gain your place.

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