Why choose to study in Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a destination that has become popular with Cypriot students. The Netherlands has LOW tuition fees and English-speaking Universities. Due to its geographical location students can travel to many of the European countries.

Did you know that in the Netherlands the main means of transportation is the bicycle?

Below you will find 5 reasons to choose to study in Netherlands:

  1. The Netherlands has world-renowned Universities
    The Netherlands has a large number of Universities. It is also famous for the Research Universities it offers. Students choosing to study in Netherlands should be prepared to meet the high demands of their field. Some degrees of Dutch universities also have a matching process or interview which the student must follow successfully.
  2. Universities have low tuition and cost of livingTuition at Dutch universities is around 2,000 euros per year. The cost of living varies depending on which city the students choose. Large cities such as Amsterdam have more expensive living costs.

    3. Students have the opportunity to study at English-taught Universities

Most courses are also available in English, therefore the student does not need to learn the language. Also, the majority of Dutch people speak fluent English.

4. Popular Destination for Cypriot students

The Netherlands is the second most popular destination for Cypriot students in recent years due to its low cost of living.

5. You can easily travel to European countries

Due to its geographical location, students can easily travel to all European countries. Within 50 minutes students can visit the United Kingdom. They can also take the train and travel to any European city.

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