A few words..

For many decades now, Cypriots and many other Nationalities chose the UK for their studies, the excellent education quality and the Universities international recognition.

A country that offers many and well paid work opportunities, attracts students from everywhere and is characterised by its diverse culture, since you can have a good job with a promising career advancement, if you choose to stay there after the completion of your studies.


Why to choose the UK for my studies? 

For the International Recognition of your Academic title, but also for the experience you will gain living on your own, away from your family, for the first time, being responsible for everything by yourself.  Once again, these are important attributes for yourself but for employers as well.


Like in every country in the world, there are destinations that are cheaper and some that are more expensive than others.  If someone, for example, lives in Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, etc., will not have the same cost of living, if he was living in London, Bristol or Brighton, that are considered to be more expensive areas.

Career opportunities.  There are many employment opportunities and career advancement with high paid salaries and other benefits.

It is quite common, for the universities to offer a study program and integrate a work placement (of a whole year) in the program, having as a result for the students, to receive employment offers before they even graduate!

It’s a safe destination to study and live, but one should always be aware and alert not to provoke and be careless, so as to avoid unpleasant situations.  For example, it is not advisable to be at a cafeteria and leave your wallet and phone on the table, while you decide to go to the restroom.

the universities

International recognition, integrity, emphasis on research and excellent communication and guidance between students – teaching staff – administrative staff.  These are the main characteristics of the Universities in the UK.

It is important to highlight the fact that, students, who choose to migrate for some time, away from their own country, they mature, learn to be more responsible, gain experiences and new ideas, become more organised and at the same time, they improve their English, skills that are very important for any future employer.

how we can help you
  • Suggest and research the right Universities, for the students that did not manage to have a strong academic foundation, in order to study for a Bachelor or a Master degree after (Foundation Course – usually 1 year duration).  This is done through a specialised research, according to the area you wish to study, or the area we will suggest to you. The foundation Schools/Universities, are responsible for learning or improving the English Language.  Also and because there are many different foundation programs, during a foundation course the student can gain the necessary academic knowledge missing from his curriculum in order to progress to your Bachelor or Master studies after.  For example:  a student who has obtained a 14/20 Apolyterion, does not necessarily means that he cannot study at University.  Also, if a student wishes to become a Pharmacist and did not chose Chemistry at High School, this does not stop him from studying and becoming a Pharmacist, just because he didn’t know at the age of 14-15 years old, that he would like to study for Pharmacy!

  • Accommodation to the above Foundation Schools/Universities.  Then, we help you to decide the right Universities according to your skills
  • Find out which universities offer the course you want to study
  • We take the time to explain in detail which University is the most appropriate for you (taking into consideration many factors such as: size of University, access, cost of living, etc.)
  •  Let you know what the admission criteria of each university are, which at times can be quite complicated and may require considerable explanation from us
  • Submit your applications and all the supporting documents required, in time!
  • Tell you in advance if there will be any extra exams, questionnaires, interviews, auditions
  • Inform you thoroughly about the cost of tuition fees, accommodation, food,
  • Inform you and apply for the tuition fee loan which covers the entire amount of your tuition for the entire duration of your studies (Bachelor, Master and Foundation studies)
  • Put you in touch with other Cypriot students who are already studying at the university you have applied to.
  • Suggest what would be best for you at an academic level.
  • Suggest various solutions to improve your level of English.
Handling applications
  • WE handle the entire application process.
  • We help you to prepare a well-structured Personal Statement.
  • We help you to prepare a well-structured Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • We handle ALL the correspondence and keep track of any developments, and WE communicate with all the universities that we have submitted applications to for you, with your consent
  • We help you to choose the most suitable university for you as a first choice
  • We help you to complete your registration at University
Guidance on Financial matters
  • Information on, completion and dispatch of the student loan applications to cover the cost of tuition fees for your Bachelor, Master and or Foundation in the UK
  • Inform you on how to avoid unnecessary expenses
  • Information on accommodation options and what you need to do to secure a place to live near the university.

  • Very good planning is required in advance, as the issue of accommodation varies from one university to the other and from one city to another.  Luckily, there are many options available for all budgets, to secure a room with your own bathroom, toilet.

Further assistance
  • Information on how to organise yourself before your trip.
  • Escorting students to university (in the UK), when this has been requested and we are able to organise a group of students.
  • Put you in touch with other Cypriot students who are already studying at the university you have applied to.
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