Scholarships for EU students

More than 20 British Universities will offer Scholarships to European students. More specifically these scholarships will reduce tuition costs for students. It should be noted that this applies for students starting their studies in September 2021.

Some examples of these Universities are:

  1. South Wales University

The University of South Wales will offer the Undergraduate and Postgraduate EU Scholarship scheme for EU students.

Moreover, the scholarship will ensure that tuition fees for EU students do not exceed the amount being paid by UK students.

The University is proud of our links to Europe and the friendly and multicultural atmosphere at USW is enhanced/

Finally, you do not need to make a separate scholarship application. All eligible students will be automatically awarded a scholarship worth up to £4,800. In addition to this, Postgraduate Students can be awarders a scholarship of up to £5,500.

You will receive confirmation of the scholarship with your offer letter and it applies to all years of study.

2. Brunel University

Brunel University is among the Universities which have announced that it will keep the same tuition fees as UK/Home students for EU students starting their studies in 2021.

Due to the transition period after Brexit, the university will definitely support European students who start their studies in 2021.

3. Essex University – for male Cypriot students ONLY

Essex University announced that male students from Cyprus who are currently serving the army will be eligible to apply for Cyprus Military Service Scholarship which will allow them home fee rate.

More specifically, male students who are currently doing their mandatory service in Cyprus National Guard will be eligible for home fee rate of 9,250 pounds instead of international fees if they wish to begin their studies at Essex University on September 2021.

Students will also have to provide the University with military certificate proving that they have completed their service during 2020.


4. Nottingham Trent

Nottingham Trent University has also announced that all European Students starting their studies in September 2021 or January 2022, will be eligible for an EU Transition Award.

Moreover, this award will reduce students’ fees and bring them in line with those paid by UK students. For example, BA (Hons) Business course the international fee is £15,800. The EU Transition Award would reduce this fee to £9,250 for eligible students

5. Surrey University

European Students who choose to start their Undergraduate degree at Surrey University in September 2021 will be eligible to apply for the Surrey EU Undergraduate Scholarships 2021.

The scholarships will be awards of £5,000 per year of study in the form of a fee discount. It should be noted that this will also include all years of integrated Masters courses.

For more info on which UK Universities offer scholarships to EU students contact us.