Student Loan and pre-settled status for 2021. What are the eligibility criteria?

Over the last few months there is some confusion regarding what are the new eligibility criteria for the Student Loan after Brexit.

Many students managed to be granted the pre-settled status over the Christmas period in 2020. However, they are not sure if they can still apply for the Student Loan for 2021.

Below you will find some key facts regarding the Student Loan and the pre-settled status. This information concerns students who will start their studies in September 2021:
  • Students who have obtained the pre-settled status are eligible to apply for the Student Loan.
  • It should be noted that these students need to have lived in the UK or EU 3 years prior to their studies. 
  • Students can apply for the Student Loan, however it’s up to the Student Loans Company to decide whether these students can be approved to receive the loan. 
  • The students who will be approved for the Student Loan will be able to receive a loan for up to 9250 pounds. This amount will be received for all the years of their studies. However, if the University’s fees are more than 9250, the student will need to pay the remaining amount.

You can find all related information at  UK Council for International Student Affairs.

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