Study in Italy

Undoubtedly, Italy is a country with a rich history and tremendous pride for its culture.

Without a doubt Rome is Italy’s biggest gem.

No matter how many times you visit, there will definitely be new things to do.

Alternatively, the unforgettable city of Florence that steals your heart.

The Renaissance Jewelry and Michelangelo’s true loved one.

The ancient architecture, the beautiful buildings, the lights, the Gallery, the picturesque streets, will all remain unforgettable.

Romantic Venice, with its canals and gondolas, medieval Tuscany, and Milan renowned for fashion and its famous stores.

Below you will find 5 reasons to study in Italy:
  1. Way of life – The way of life of the Italian people has quite a few things in common with us Cypriots
  2. Cost of life – The lifestyle and the cost of living in an Italian city vary according to its size and where it is located (north, south).
    In large cities such as Milan and Rome, the cost of renting accommodation ranges from 300 to 900 euros for one room in the city center, in shared accommodation with roommates. In smaller towns, the cost is greatly reduced, and you have the option of renting an apartment on your own, ranging from 250-500 euros.
  3. Language – The Italian language is very easily taught. There are numerous language schools in which you can learn Italian online within a few months.
  4. High level of education – Italian Universities have a high level of education.
  5. Beautiful country – A country with a Mediterranean culture that has common characteristics with our own culture. Italy is a country that is so enchanting and special, that wins you over from the first moment.

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